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Reason for Update: 
Business Pilot goes through development each week and is being improved behind the scenes, we’ve got some great updates on the way to you. 
Let’s see what we got up to this week… 

We have carried out a major upgrade to the Sales Report in BP to now include Contract Value variations. 

Previously the Sales Report would display the value of the contract as you would expect but should this value ever change you would only have seen that amendment if you ran a report to the original contract date. In weekly/monthly sales this is not something that is typically done therefore these variations had to be recorded and allocated manually. 

The Sales Report has now been rewritten, and the Contract Value Amendment process as well, to indicate what the change in value is, both positive or negative. 

This now means that any variations to existing sales figures will be recorded on the day they are changed to give you up to date, accurate figures for any sales period. e.g. if a £10,000 contract written in August has a £1,000 variation in September the additional figure is reported in the September Report.

We have also carried out a fix on the Bulk Upload Job Costs import. This is a function in BP which allows you to bring external spreadsheets of job costs in to the CRM automatically rather than by manual input. There was a bug with the feature that will let you know of any records that weren’t able to upload due to discrepancies in the data which allows you to amend before re-submitting.

Thank you to everyone that have got in touch regarding an improvement or a bug, we appreciate it. If you’ve spotted something that doesn’t look right please contact Business Pilot Support on 01494 211152. 

We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase for details.

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