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Additional roles, Links To The Schedule Board And More

Reason For Update: This is our first major release since the FIT Show, due to this the release is bigger than normal. There are lots of new areas of the system where there has been an improvement and changes so please do take time to read through all of the features to ensure you are continuing to get the most benefit from the system! At Business Pilot we love to continuously improve the system to allow you to benefit from these features.  We have new roles to allow users to access reporting, closing off tasks for users who are not active, new column options within live contracts and live leads and linking the fitting tab to the schedule

Additional User Roles

We have added two new additional roles that can be assigned to users in the manage users’ section as normal.

The new roles are ‘Reporting’ & ‘Management information’.

The ‘Reporting’ Role will enable users access to the ‘Reports’ tab where you can run all of the typical Sales, Fitting and Financial Reports.

The ‘Management Information’ role will provide access to the MI tab which has all of the Sales, Marketing and Operations tables & dashboards. It is also possible to run certain reports from the MI but for that you would need both roles.

These areas can still both be accessed with an ‘Admin’ role as before but as that role also provides greater system access for Invoicing, Purchase Orders and editing the two new roles will enable more specific functionality for certain roles in the business. Therefore, should an admin role not be required, however, reporting is a primary function of the job, then the Reporting role can be added to allow the user to gain this information.

Closing tasks for users

Further to our recent release enabling you to ‘reassign open tasks’ this has been updated further. You can now ‘close open tasks’ for any user. This could come in handy when a member of staff leaves or potentially just moves role within the business. Both the ‘Reassign’ & ‘Close’ task options have the choice to do this in any of the Task areas, Contacts, Leads or Contracts as well as an option for ‘All’.

New Column Options in Leads & Contracts Grids.

There are new column options within the Leads and Contracts Grids for additional filtering.

We have added an install team column to allow you to filter or see the install team. This shows the team which were fitting on this job, should you have two teams on one job, this will show the first team that was allocated.

The second column which has been added is the ‘Pipeline’. With the multiple pipelines possible within Leads and Contract, this now enables you to filter to, identify a specific pipeline. This also corresponds with the status column to get the most accurate report needed.

Adding Task Templates in Adding Tasks

The “adding a new supplier” in Purchase Orders released a few months ago has proved very useful and we now replicated this feature within tasks too.

Now when adding a task, should you need to add a new template you can simply click on the “+” to the right of the task box to add this from the task page rather than via the Manage area. Please note, this is still an ‘Admin’ level feature so should you not have the required role this link will provide an error message.

Links To Schedule in Fitting Tab

Updates have been made to the Fitting tab where you can now link directly to the Schedule board.

The link next to ‘Bookings’ in the Fitting tab will take you directly to the Main view of the Schedule Board.

If the Contract has been Scheduled for installation and shown in the Fitting tab you can now click on the date of the fitting and this will take you directly the relevant week on the Main view of the schedule board however the week this job was scheduled for will show as the first week on the board.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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