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Connect your website with Business Pilot

Integration Made Simple

The Business Pilot web to lead integration takes leads from your website forms and adds them into your Business Pilot system. Now you can save time and never miss another web lead!

2 Ways to Integrate

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your website with Business Pilot and therefore have created 2 ways to do it.

WordPress Plugin

If your website is based on the WordPress platform you can use the 'Business Pilot Plugin' for a quick and easy integration. Just like most WordPress plugins, it simply requires a one click install to get you up and running. For a small subscription, it couldn't be easier or quicker to connect your website with Business Pilot.

Manual Integration

Although it requires a skilled developer to accomplish, if your website isn't WordPress or you would prefer to avoid the plugin, you can use our 'Manual Integration' method. Manual integration allows you to connect any website with Business Pilot seamlessly. We have detailed how to guides that cover everything you need to know.

For WordPress

Plugin Features

Connect in 2 Simple Steps

Just grab your connection details from your Business Pilot system and enter them into the plugin. Then tell the plugins where each field in your form should go in Business Pilot. It's as easy as that.

No Developer Needed

The plugin uses a visual interface so that it is easy for you to set it up without the need to get a developer involved.

Populated Straight from Business Pilot

The plugin will fetch all available form fields straight from Business Pilot for hassle free connection.

Business Pilot Stamp of Approval

The plugin has been quality checked by Business Pilot developers so that you can be sure it is 100% compatible.

Compatible With Your Existing Forms

Our WordPress plugin works with your existing forms, this means you can be up and running in minutes.

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