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Here you’ll find some of the common questions that we get asked about Business Pilot. We’ve tried to answer them to save you time.

There is no limit to the number of files you can store on the system.

There is no minimum for the number of users, we do however have a minimum contract value of £240 per month which is equivalent to three full users.

From the end of the contract subscription period it is a monthly rolling contract, we ask for a minimum 30 days’ notice.

24 months is the minimum term of subscription which will be detailed in your contract.

Yes, you are able to add users as and when required. The system will calculate the pro rata fee to your next quarter and invoice accordingly.

You simply reduce the number of licenses. The only limit is the minimum detailed in your signed agreement.

We typically suggest a 7-day period is required to set the system up for you. Of course, if your requirement is more urgent, we can work with you to provide same (business) day setup. We provide you with a configuration file and then do all the setting up for you.

We use GoCardless, which is a Direct Debit solution. This allows you to take control of adding or removing licenses and ensures smooth running of the system, since access to the system is linked to our accounts software. We are a software company, so what would you expect?!

There are 2 types of CRM/ERP systems available to you. Firstly, off the shelf generic systems such as Salesforce. These are not particularly fitted to your business and you can make changes to how your business runs to accommodate them in your business. There are also industry specific tools. These are often too limited in functionality. We believe Business Pilot bridges the gap and is perfectly suited to any installation company. But, don’t take our word for that. Take the Free Trial or request a call-back.

Many of our users use our finance functions such as invoicing, purchase order management and financial reporting. Financial data can be exported to any professional accounting software such as Sage, Xero, QuickBooks etc.

Yes, we offer an onboard day, this includes set up of the system and a day’s training at your office. After that, we have a lot of How-To videos covering everything on the system. We also offer additional paid training days if required. Supporting you to get the most out of the system is our priority.

Of course! You can call support on +44 333 050 7632. Our Support Hours are Mon – Fri: 8:00 – 17:30.

No, Business Pilot is a Cloud-based solution. A cloud-based system is designed to be flexible with expanding capacity so a business can scale their system up or down depending on current business needs.

Whilst it is a CRM it is very much focused for installation companies. You could use it for non-installation companies, but we specifically recommend it for organisations with an installation type business.

Business Pilot is not Pricing Software, that’s a specific system. Business Pilot connects to your pricing software. Our goal is to provide the best solution to managing your installation business. To do this, we focus our attention on just that. We do have areas for your quotes and can store documents etc.

All data stored in Business Pilot is maintained in the UK on Microsoft Azure servers. This ensures security, scalability and maximum availability.

Business Pilot as a system allows you to be fully GDPR compliant. Of course, the system relies on your processes to be GDPR compliant.

Your data is stored on Microsoft Servers and a provision has already been set aside in the unlikely event that a third party may be required to export all of your data for you.

The system works in all countries.

A Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system allows you to manage communications with your contacts. In the case of Business Pilot, this is just one element of what the whole system does

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the integrated management of main business processes. Business Pilot allows you to do this and is therefore an ERP system

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