Cloud Based

Business Pilot was built from the ground up to make use of cloud based technology. This will enable you to have access to all of your information via the internet which means whether you are on the road or away from the office you will be able to remain up to the second with your business and your team.

What’s more, all of this is achieved without the need to use remote access servers and is completely mobile friendly.

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • No need for remote access
  • Mobile compatible

Lead Integration

We know that your business is fed by leads, they are the lifeblood of your business and should be treated as such. Business Pilot is fully compatible with the lead generation forms on your website. This means it will automatically feed the leads from your website through on to Business Pilot, eliminating the need to enter new leads manually.

This not only saves your company time but will eliminate the human error factor that can result in a lead being lost before it’s even contacted.

  • Leads go straight in to the CRM
  • No need to manually enter leads

Sales Process

Once a lead is in Business Pilot you can then track and integrate the history of that lead as well as assign tasks against it.

This joined up approach means that you can view and track everything on an easy to use dashboard giving you complete transparency of your sales process.

  • Understanding what marketing effort lead to the lead
  • What products the customer is interested in
  • A log of their showroom visits
  • Ability to book a sales appointment
  • Track quotations
  • Create follow up reminders
  • Tally qualotion values
  • Contract generation

Customer Journey

Keeping track of how customers interact with your company is vital to creating a good impression, to make the customer feel valued, and provide your customers with a fantastic buying experience.

Business Pilot makes the customer journey highly visible across all relevant user dashboards which means that everyone knows when follow ups are due, can stay up to date on their progress, add notes and images to the customer file and much more.

This means your customer journey will be second to none and leave a fantastic impression with your customers.

  • Follow up actions display on each user's personal dashboard
  • Keep accurate progress notes on each customer enquiry
  • Add and manage images from the quote and client
  • Convert any lead to a Contract and follow a step by step process that sets up all the details and paperwork for you

PO & Invoicing

Getting purchase orders and invoices out are vital to keeping your business running smoothly, after all without money your company cannot function. Business Pilot helps smooth out and speed up the process allowing you to get paid quicker.

The templates within Business Pilot are fully customisable, allowing you to change logos and company details based on your needs which will ensure you and your company consistently present a professional front.

  • Completely customisable templates
  • Add logos & company details to suit your business needs

Customer Contact

Keeping in contact with your customers is essential but is not always easy. People use their own computers and don’t copy everyone else in, use different templates making it hard to stick to one brand, and attachments get lost.

At Business Pilot we have integrated this in to our system which means that you, or anyone on your team, can generate emails which allows everyone to know the history, use the same templates to ensure your branding remains strong and give you the power to store all attachments within the CRM.

  • Generate customer emails
  • Sent from the users own email account
  • Customisable templates
  • Attach documents directly from the CRM or your own desktop

Interactive Scheduling

Someone once said, “schedules were made to be broken”. It is a simple fact of life that not everything goes to plan and all businesses need flexibility and your CRM should allow for that flexibility.

Business Pilot is a very simple and easy to use scheduling interface that allows you to change your schedule with a simple drag and drop. Added to this the cloud-based nature of the platform means that you can access the schedule from anywhere and as it looks after so many areas of your business you can also book dates sent via manufacture orders. Scheduling has never been so easy.

  • Complete visibility of current schedule
  • Bookable dates set via purchase order & manufacture confirmations
  • Customisable colour coding system for product/installation types
  • Drag & Drop function to allow for ever changing nature of your schedule

Team Diaries

As in most businesses your team are your most valuable assets and it is critical to know where they are and what they are doing. Business Pilot allows you to schedule meetings, allocate team resources as well as analyse individual movements of team members when they are on the road.

This visibility gives you the freedom to react to situations as they arise and ensure your business is efficient.

  • Schedule meetings & appointments or allocate company resources for specific tasks
  • Analyse company activity and individual movements of departments or staff

Financial Reporting

By combining so many functions in to one piece of software Business Pilot can bring the data all together to give you unparalleled information about your business, live and whenever you need it.

The CRM can give you lead and sales figures, how much you have quoted, how much has been invoiced and how much has been paid. This information can be then broken down by lead, customer, and even sales person giving you full visibility over the whole of your business.

  • A range of Dashboards give instant access to live information across the business
  • Sales by location
  • Sales by person
  • Conversions
  • Lead, demo & sale value
  • Various management reports place key information at your finger tips

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