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Additional Updates: New and updated Reports, Schedule Board improvements, App updates and more!

Reason For Update: At Business Pilot we want to ensure you can pull reports at the click of a button and you have the necessary information right in front of you. We plan to continuously improve and update the fundamental areas of the CRM to ensure your reports are constantly detailed and beneficial.

Status History Report

We have introduced a Status History report which allows you to look at either Leads or Contracts Status changes. When exporting the data from your chosen dates this will provide you with those Leads or Contracts which have progressed within the pipeline during this period. This will benefit you by being able to see the period of time it takes for a Lead or Contract to progress through the various stages in your pipeline.

The export pulls through the basic details such as the contract number and name, as well the status & pipeline which has been selected. This export will show you who has progressed onto the next status as well as the date that this progressed.

Added PO Status to Jobs to Schedule

We have added the PO status bars onto the Job Card which are holding in the ‘Jobs to Schedule’ area of the CRM. This will be beneficial when scheduling and any potential re-planning of your board to see the purchase order status of those jobs.

Outstanding Balance Status showing in App

Within the Installer App we have added a banner to highlight any outstanding balance of each job, should your installers/engineers take payment this will be a great visual reminder!

App – Covid assessment

The Covid assessment within the app has been updated to a subtle green banner. 3 years on, the covid assessment we noticed is still being used my many of you, however for those who are no longer using this we have made it less prominent although still optional to complete.

New Document Placeholder

Document templates offer many placeholders to pull through the relevant information you need to build your document template. We have added the placeholder “Current Owner” to pull though the owner of the contract into any required document.

Complete Contracts Report – Completed Date or Revenue Recognition date.

Within the Completed contracts report you can now toggle between whether you wish for this report to pull data based solely from the completed contract date or via the revenue recognition date as it does currently.

The “Report Date” excludes any contracts completed after that date and the ‘Exclude Before’ does as it says meaning you can report between for any financial period you require.

Contract Grid Loading Speed

To ensure Business Pilot remains as efficient and smooth as possible for all of our users despite the rapid growing customer base we continue to work on efficiencies and improvements ‘under the hood’ of the system.

We previously did a large update which increased the loading speed within the lead grid area, this has been replicated and implemented into the contract grid area to improve the loading speed of this area.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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