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Amendable Contract Date

Reason for Update: 
When sales are made over the weekend or near month end it is not always feasible to administer those orders immediately, paperwork or deposits may be still to come in or there may be reason why you wish to set a contract to a particular sales period. 
This had previously meant these sales could end up being processed outside of the desired date range on BP and would fall out of the weekly/monthly figures without manipulation. 
The ability to choose the Contract Date after sale has now been added to the system which will enable you to manipulate sales around week and month end. The ‘Contract Signed Date’ will initially now be set at the date ‘Mark as Sold’ was selected in the Lead. You will now have the option to move this forward, if required, when ‘Converting to Contract’. In addition the Contract Date now has the option for the user to change this date retrospectively again if required.

When your Sales Representatives mark a Lead as Sold this will move to the ‘Sales to Confirm’ area under ‘Contracts’, this can also notify designated users selected in the Admin > Manage Settings area of the system, where they are able to finalise the sale and convert this into a Contract.

We have made it possible to backdate the Contract Date which can benefit your Weekly/Monthly Company & Individual Sales Reports. 

The Contract Date will display the date the Contract was officially set up, but we have added a date grid to this selection where users can back date this if necessary. 

The Contract Signed Date will pull through the date where the Mark as Sold button was initially pressed. 

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