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…offers a monthly analysis of the key trends defining window and door retail. It draws on real industry data collated by Business Pilot, the cloud-based business management tool developed by installers for installers.


Neil Cooper-Smith, Senior Analyst, Business Pilot:

Returning to offices and showrooms following three positive days at the FIT Show in Birmingham last month [May 2023], it is reassuring to see that positivity reflected in the figures to May 2023.

As predicted, the ‘slowdown’ we saw in April 2023 was a blip, with leads in May 2023 climbing 7% on April, bringing them back in line with March 2023.

And when we track these figures against 2022, May 2023 is 23.1% up on the same period as last year. This runs counter to some anecdotal evidence in the industry that window companies are starting to see work dry up.

Once we get the elephant in the room out of the way – average sales – then the forecast for the second half of 2023 starts to look very encouraging. At 38.4, average sales for May 2023 dropped 14.9% on April, which was to be expected given the fall in leads in April.

But when compared to the same period last year, May 2023 was 8.9% up on May 2022.

Given that we’ve had an extra Bank Holiday for the King’s Coronation, coupled with the other public holidays, then this annual dip should not come as a surprise.

When we look at other influences on household spending, then the positive picture continues to emerge. For example, headline inflation has dropped to 8.6% and wholesale energy prices are dropping from the highs we experienced at the start of the year.

Since, we’ve felt the sharp sting of inflated energy prices, now should be the time to push the energy efficiency message at the point of retail because people now have the money to invest – as well as the experience of energy inefficient homes.

And our figures prove that there is a desire among homeowners to invest in whole house improvements, with the average order value up 25.9% in May 2023 on April 2023.

As we pointed out last month, those in the 50+ age group category are sitting on record levels of wealth. While they are less affected by high inflation, a drop in inflation to 8.6% could provide the stimulus necessary for them to invest. Coupled with a desire to improve on whole-house thermal efficiency following a period of high energy prices could be the boost this industry needs.

Window companies appear to be capitalising on those opportunities. At 41.3%, the average conversion rate is 7% up in May 2023 on April 2023. Against May 2022, the average conversion is up 19% year on year.

On our stand at the FIT Show, we saw the appetite from owners and managers of window companies for both a broad product offering and a greater control over business processes, since both are vital for maximising opportunities.

With a sophisticated lead tracking capability, lead heat mapping and sales pipeline management tool, Business Pilot helps you maximise leads, and support their conversion through strategic data management and analysis.

It also helps you maximise your profitability on every job, through drag and drop installation scheduling and real time financials.

About Business Pilot

Business Pilot is a powerful CRM, which mobilises the power of cloud-based technologies, to give installers complete visibility of each and every element of their operation from leads and conversions to job scheduling, cost of installation, service calls, and financial reporting.

Accessible across all devices, from desktop to phone, it supports installers in running their businesses more profitably.

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