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Boost your Sales in 2020 with the NEW Sales and Surveyor APP!

We are pleased to announce that we have introduced Sales and Surveyors Appointments to our APP.

Sales Representatives & Surveyors can now use the new and improved Business Pilot APP from today as well as Service Engineers & Installers.

In keeping with the CRM Sales appointments are highlighted by the ‘Target’ lead icon and Survey Appointments are displayed as a measuring staff.

To download the APP please follow: https://mobile.businesspilot.co.uk/ or click the image above. Then set the weblink to your home page. 

The APP works both On-Line and Off-Line so you can save information to the CRM even when you are out of network coverage area or Wi-Fi..

Sign in with your existing CRM log-in credentials. For additional licences or help to get set up, please contact support@businesspilot.co.uk

Once signed in users will be able to see their appointments; installation appointments refresh each Saturday/Sunday at midnight and Sales, Surveys and Service appointments refresh daily. 

Upon login they will be shown a list of their ‘jobs’.

If the user has installation booking these will be viewable with a spanner icon. Installation instructions, job descriptions together with ‘linked’ documents will be accessible.

If the user has a service jobs assigned, these bookings will display with a set of cogs as the icon. Within the Service call page, Installation instructions, Reason for Call and authorised documents will be accessible. Service notes from the APP are returned to the Resolution for Call box on the Service Call itself.

If the user has sales appointments, also known as demos booked for them then these will show as a target icon, which mirrors the desktop system.

Sales appointments will be based on the lead information and run from the install address in the lead page. Address instructions will be visible, to leave a note for the representative, see the Install Address Instructions. 

Finally, the Survey appointments are visible with a measuring staff displaying the Installation Instructions and any ‘linked’ documents. 

Business Pilot will load the appropriate view on each job page based on knowing if it is a sales/survey appointment or a service/installation job. 

To link documents to view on the APP, we have created an additional feature within the customers document page as seen below. All documents will need ‘view in APP’ enabled to pull through. If this is not ticked, the job card will show as ‘No Docs’.

We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase/ for details.

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