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BPsite App Updates: New Image Features & App Fixes

Development is ongoing for the new BPsite App and we’ve added some extra features as well as making some fixes this week.

Please note that the HTML version of the App will be switched off on Friday 1 December 2023, so please ensure your teams download the new App as soon as possible from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Latest Version – v.2.0

The BPsite App is being updated on a regular basis, so please make sure you have the latest version downloaded to make the most of all of our latest features.

You can check which version you have within the App – tap the menu icon and you’ll see it at the bottom of the screen.

If you don’t have push notifications or automatic updates enabled for your device we would recommend you activate them for BPsite to ensure you remain up to date with all the latest features and any bug fixes. Alternatively you will need to check your App store to download updates.

The second version of the App has now been launched and called v2.0 – future updates will follow this naming structure, for example: v2.001, v2.002, etc.

Image Compression

When you upload an image via the BPsite App, you now have an option to upload a compressed version.

This will result in a quicker upload speed, especially if you are uploading multiple images at once, or if you are onsite and have a slower connection. Compressed images will be resized to 1MB, which is still a high enough resolution for PC screens and A4 printing. These smaller files will also help the load speed of images within the main system.

If you still need higher-resolution images for sales or marketing purposes, or for zooming into very small details, you can still upload the original sized images from your device.

Pinch & Zoom on Photographs

A new feature has now been added to the image gallery so you can pinch and zoom in on photos, just as you would in your normal image gallery on your phone or tablet. It’s great for checking details on photographs before you arrive on site or reviewing snags.

App Fixes

Based on your feedback, the following fixes have now been made to the App:

  • Issue with images showing rotated within the main system when they have been uploaded through BPsite – fixed.
  • New uploaded photo not showing without refreshing jobs – fixed.


If you have any other feedback or issues with the new BPsite App, please let us know so we can pass them on to our development team.

BPsite App Settings

We have split out the BPsite App settings from the main system and these can now be found and edited in the main system under Admin > BPsite App > Settings.

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