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BPsite App – What’s New?

You will have seen that our new BPsite App went live last week and hopefully you’ve already hit download and started using it whilst you’re out and about on site. Don’t forget to remind all of your fitters to download it ASAP, so that they can start using it too!

The new App has been a key focus for our system development over the past few months and that has meant fewer system updates than usual, but now it’s live, we’re working on updates for both of them!

BPsite App – New Features

The New App

The biggest change is that we now have a ‘native’ App, meaning that it can now be found in the App stores and downloaded to your device, rather than using the mobile-responsive HTML version of Business Pilot.

The BPsite App is available from the Apple App Store and Google Play. They both work in the same way in the front end and have the same functionality, but behind the scenes, it’s all a bit different from our development side!

You can download the App for your device here:

As well as all of the original App features, during development, we have added some new functions to make life even easier on site.

Please be aware that the release of our new native App means the existing HTML version will be phased out in the coming weeks. We will issue an end date for the previous App soon, but please ensure that all of your team are moved over to the new App as soon as possible for uninterrupted service.

Document Viewer

A document viewer has now been built into the App, so all documents relating to a job can be viewed within the BPsite App, rather than opening in a separate viewer App such as Adobe.

Image Viewer & Scrolling Functionality

We have also implemented an image viewer function, so images can be viewed within the App, rather than being downloaded to devices. You can also scroll through all the images relating to a contract within the viewer.

App Speed

The App has been designed to give you access to the most important bits first to keep everything moving quickly.

This means that when you first open and log-in you will be able to see your assigned jobs straight away. Whilst you’re looking at those, documents and other attachments will download in the background. It’s only a case of a few seconds and it keeps the log-in process nice and speedy, even if you have a poor or slow connection.

Have you started using the new BPsite App yet? Let us know your thoughts or leave us a review via your App store!

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