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Business Pilot vs Old Systems

Some CRM's were created over 20 years ago.
Business Pilot is the new alternative.

Why not try a free trial of both types and decide what’s best for you.

If you are looking for a CRM system to help run your installation business, then things have moved on a lot in the last 20 years. Our founders used a window installation specific system previously. It was OK for many years, but as they grew, they felt the system they had wasn’t growing with them. They saw new things come along like smartphones and mobile devices like iPads and felt their business was being left behind in relation to the systems they used to run their business.

That’s when we looked at ‘what could be possible’ rather than ‘what was currently available’ in the system they had used for years. It was a brave move that resulted in some massive investment, but ultimately we knew that if people just like you had the choice between a truly dynamic system run by people interested in what was possible rather than what they too already had, you would never settle for mediocre again. We knew then, that together we could grow our businesses being part of the modern world, not the 90’s. Although they were good years of course!

You only need look at our interactive schedule board to see how our minds work. And we think they work very similar to yours. We realised that the schedule board (t-cards or white boards for a lot of people) were the heartbeat of any installation office. Yet, they only showed one side of what was going on. We imagined that if you could tie this up to your contracts dynamically, showing things like whether deliveries were confirmed for the dates we planned to fit them for example. How would that transform our businesses? We then imagined what could happen if just by placing a job against a specific team on the board, that they would be able to get all the details for the job on their phone. Then, what if fitters could add notes or take photos on site and they were instantly added to the right contract in the same system that everyone in the office used. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

You see, some may say we are dreamers, but we believe we are not the only ones. And we are looking for people like you to join us. People who decide that enough is enough with the mediocre ‘this is how it is’ and dare to believe that things could be a lot better. Because, if that is you, we can let you into our secret. Things have moved on. New, better, more efficient ways of doing things have been made possible and you can have access to that for your business, making it more successful and your team happier and less stressed at the same time. That must be a good thing!

We still encourage people to take a look at the system our founders once used. After all, the two systems work very differently and suit different people. Just like Pepsi and Coke, PC and Apple; We all have personal taste. We just happen to love the community that is Business Pilot. So, take our free trial below and please arrange a free trial with others too. Once you have tried both, you can decide what is best for you. Anyway, a little friendly competition is good for everyone!

If you already use another system and you want to try Business Pilot, we are of course happy to help you move across. The process is simple and we have helped numerous Business Pilot customers do the same.

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Why not take our free trial? It is packed with demo data so that you can see what is possible without having to spend hours loading it. And we will call you to point you in the right direction and be as helpful as we possibly can be. We don’t want you settling for anything less than you deserve. We mean, you and your team do deserve the best, right?

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