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Customisable Exports and Manage Area Changes!

Reason For Update: We have included customisable exports to excel, change field options to include in your pipeline and a host of other manage options! Yes, you can force the quoted value to be entered before it’s marked as quoted. It’s great right! In addition, a few features to help with deactivation and reallocation as your business changes. We love our updates, and they’ll keep on coming.

Customisable Exports:

In order to help with more accurate reporting and business analysis, we have developed customisable exports into the Excel Export function.

In the main leads and contracts grid, there is a new drop-down list within the ‘Export to Excel’ button, as shown below:

The ‘Export to Excel’ option will work as it always has, exporting all of the Lead or Contract Data to Excel.

However, the new tab ‘Export Visible to Excel’ works with the customisable column view. Meaning you can configure the information you wish to Export from the Columns for more accurate reporting.

Having selected your preferred columns, as shown above, the ‘Export Visible’ button will then only export the headers relating to the selected grid giving you a condensed report.

We have also added a number of additional features to our Manage Areas!

Status Progression, New Lead Pipeline Progression Action: Change Field

When selecting actions to perform when moving from one status to another, we have introduced a new option which allows you to change the Lead Quoted value on the progression confirmation screen.

To set this up, edit a pipeline and then scroll down the Progressions section.

As an example, here is a progression with the new action:

On the progression screen, you then see the Field to change:

Reallocating open user Tasks:

When a user leaves a business or changes roles, it can be a pain to reassign items.

In line with our quest to increase efficiency and save time for our users, we have added a new feature that allows you to reallocate all users’ open Tasks to another user.

This can be found when editing a user via the Admin -> Manage User page. In the bottom left.

Click on Actions, then the ‘Reassign all open tasks’ option will give you:

From here, you can select the user to reassign the tasks to and also decide on whether you wish to deactivate and remove the user’s licence.

We will also be adding an additional features to enable you to choose the Task areas ie Contact, Lead & Contract and also to Close Users’ Open Tasks in due course. We will announce these in a future blog as soon as they are available.

Deactivating product types:

You are now able to mark ‘Product Types’ as Active and Inactive to help with changing product or supplier lists over time.

From the Admin menu select ‘Manage Product Types’. Select the relevant product and simply use the tick box to make the product Inactive.

When the Product Type is deactivated it will no longer show in the list of product types when adding a lead. When editing a lead it will still show but greyed out.

Lead Sources Reassign and deletion

You are now able to reassign lead sources and sub-sources that are linked to leads. Go to the Manage Lead Sources item from the Admin menu.

We have included the number of lead sub-sources each lead source has along with the number of leads associated to each lead source. In the actions column, there is now a reassign button.

This will then move all leads using the selected Lead Source to the new lead source selected. This includes all historic leads.

Please also note that if you transfer the Leads at Source Level this will not include the Lead Sub Source information which would be lost. If your existing leads have sub-sources set these will be unset.

If you want to move items retaining the lead sub source then this must be done via the Manage Lead Sub Sources page.

From here you can bulk reassign any leads with a particular lead source and sub source to another lead source and sub source.

Please note that all reassignments are permanent meaning that they cannot be reversed once moved.

Provisional Suppliers List Extended

The Provisional Supplier List sits in Purchase Orders. Previously the system allowed you to enter up to 10 provisional suppliers. We have extended this to allow you to add more and added a pager to the view to help you navigate.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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