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New Document Grid Layout

Reason for update: This has been on our development plan for sometime and we are delighted to say we have now managed to complete a major enhancement to the system.

The new feature means there is a now a ‘Documents’ tab linked via the original ‘Documents’ button. The grid moves away from the pop-up list making it much easier to navigate, search, filter and also group documents for quicker reference.

The addition of ‘Tags’ which can be managed via the ‘Manage’ tab means you can now essentially create labels to allow for sub-folders via the filter option making the whole document area of the system easier to navigate and much cleaner as most of us are able to generate a lot of documentation on every job!

With the new method of adding a Document, you can filter by ‘File Type’, ‘File Name’ and by the tags set. In addition to this you can see which user saved the Document and the date added.

Further to this, once the chosen document(s) load we have included a edit button where you can alter the name of the file prior to sending the document directly from your system.

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