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Features Survey – API

We want to build this around you

We are looking to add more connectivity with other software systems. Please take a minute to let us know which other systems you use, that you would like to be connected to Business Pilot.

Your input is really helpful

As you know, Business Pilot is continually evolving. We continue to update the system daily. Some are small tweaks and others are major updates. What all these updates have in common is that they are led by installers for installers.

We are now adding in a few API’s to make the connection between your Business Pilot system and any other software you use (such as email marketing or accounting) even more streamlined.

Please take a minute to fill in the short survey below. We will compile the results and from that decide upon priorities.

Let’s march forward together!

We are waiting to hear from you

  • Which area should we focus on first?
  • Which accounting software do you use?
  • Which Email Marketing software do you use?
  • Which Pricing software do you use?
  • Which Email / Calendar software do you use?
  • Do you use Zapier to connect any other software you may already use? Use 'other' If you use a similar service, but not Zapier itself.
  • The purpose of this survey is to prioritise our next development of API's that will help you to link Business Pilot to other systems you use. Please tell us, if you have a request that has not been highlighted above.

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