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Reason For Update:

We’re bringing a new fresh look to Business Pilot, with various visual & feature updates like the Management Information, Reports and now the Invoicing. Our new format allows you to raise Manual style Invoices with personalised line items, e.g Labour, Machine Hire, Materials etc.

We’ve also added in the facility for CIS deductions as well as some other tweaks….

Also included… NEW placeholders for email and document templates!

Visual Overhaul

In line with the new theme within the Ops Dashboard and Reports you will notice that we have changed the display of the Invoice headlines tables letting you know what the Job Value Net, Invoiced Net, To Invoice Net, Invoiced Gross, Paid and Outstanding amounts for the customer.

Please note that we no longer have an amount ‘To be Invoiced, Gross’. The ‘To Invoice’ amount is driven by the Net value of the Contract. The ‘Invoiced Gross’ comes from the sum total of the VAT applied to all of the Invoices. This ensures all sums still balance when options such as Reverse Charge VAT or CIS are applied.

CIS deductions

As many of our customer businesses operate under the CIS Scheme we have added a new facility to the invoice area.

Under ‘Add Manual Invoice’ tab you can now select for line item payments to include CIS as shown below.

Under this section, while creating a new invoice you will see a new tab once you have selected the Invoice Type. Selecting this will allow you to manually add invoice items.

On the right-hand side of the Line Item you can now tick these if CIS applies.

You do not require any changes to your documents. This will display within the ‘Invoice Table’ placeholder on your existing Invoice Template.

VAT Rate on Invoices

You may notice that our Invoices on Business Pilot will now display the rate of which the VAT is calculated. Whilst we have always showed the VAT amount technically a true VAT invoice should display the rate as well as the total, i.e. 20%.

This is now reflected in our invoice display.

NEW Placeholders

In line with the new options and values we have a handful of new placeholders to use including;

<<InvoiceTotalGross>> (This was here already but is the gross value before CIS deductions now)

<<InvoiceTotalPayable>> – This is the total payable

<<CISApplicableTotalAmount>> This is the amount of the invoice that is applicable for CIS 

<<CISDeductionTotalAmount>> This is the amount deducted from the invoice. 

<<CISRate>> This is the CIS rate. 

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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