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Have you seen our new Fitting Report?

Reason for Update: 
We have included a new Report, in addition to our original Fitting Schedule Report we have introduced a Financial Fitting Schedule Report. The original is more of a where are we and what are we fitting report, while the new Fitting Report is a financial report showing the true value of the schedule.
What does the new financial report offer?
For each full or half day will be assigned the weighted contract net value figure.
For example, if you have booked 10 days for a contract value of £10,000 then each day will contribute £1,000 to the report. This is based on the estimated fit dates set in the contract as this ensures the report is accurate  to days scheduled when the job ticket is partially booked.
When a job is auto-booked via the waiting to schedule area it will assume these are ‘standard’ days. 
When adding a manual job there is also now an option asking whether it is a remedial day or a standard additional fitting day. These are recorded in the list of jobs in the Fitting tab in the contract. A Remedial day will be calculated outside of the Fitting Schedule Value above.
When selected it will then show a value box, this allows the user to establish a cost for such remedial/additional day. If you select a Zero value manual day then it simply goes in at Zero, it wont dilute the value as it is excluded from the ‘Fit Days Required’ 
When a job is added this way it will use the value assigned to it as opposed to getting its value from taking the contract net value and dividing by the total number of days.
Manual jobs can still be added without selecting the Remedial Day / Additional Day option, but these will dilute the contract value. A Standard day value would be (contract value/estimated days), Remedial would be the value you set when booking.

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