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Improvements and Adjustments

Reason for Update: 
Business Pilot goes through development each week and is being improved behind the scenes, we’ve got some great updates on the way to you. 
Let’s see what we got up to this week… 

Firstly, we’ve added the demo date and time to the Live and Sold Leads homepage, when exporting this data out to Excel this information is pulled through.

Looking to see how much business you have waiting in Sales to Confirm? We’ve added a total at the bottom of the page as we already have in the Live Leads page.

Not too long ago it was bought to our attention that emails sent from the enquiry page were not auto saving within the notes, we’ve adjusted this so you can see a full log of emails sent from enquiries all the way through the customers journey.

To end the week, we have fixed the <<ContractInstallDate>> placeholder as this was pulling through the current date.

Thank you to everyone that have got in touch regarding an improvement or a bug, we appreciate it. If you’ve spotted something that doesn’t look right please contact              Business Pilot Support on 01494 211152 

We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase/ for details.

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