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Reason For Update:

Here’s a brief overview of all the bug fixes and small changes we completed this week.

We’ve been busy introducing new companies to Business Pilot and help streamline their businesses with our system and support, we’ve improved recent updates and fixed various bugs reported to ensure smooth running of the system. 

Our first improvement being the new ‘View in APP’ addition to the document area, where you can choose which files you would like to pull through for the Sales Representatives, Surveyors, Service Engineers and Installer APP. We had this default to yes, but with the amount of documents uploaded only a select few are required to view on the APP therefore we have changed the default to no, to increase the control and make sure no unnecessary documents make their way over. 

With uncertain times, customers may have chosen to put the installation of their Windows and Doors On-Hold, you can choose to put jobs On-Hold and activate them when the customer is ready to proceed, the toggle selection now pulls through on to Excel reports so you can report on this in meetings and print these out as and when required.

In addition to this Estimated Fit Days have been added to the Orders CSV exports, for when you are ready to return to the new normal you will be able to confirm these delivery dates and manage booking in the installations.

In addition to this we have included a ‘Complaints’ Service type so you can book these in on Customer files and record and manage these efficiently.

If you are an new or existing customer we have made it easier to import CSV files into the system, this is carried out by Business Pilot Support but we have been able to reduce the cost of bringing data from previous systems over to your Business Pilot system. If you would like to know more on this please contact support@businesspilot.co.uk 

We have fixed the Enquiries status, where it stopped changing New to Converted when converting these to Contacts and added a new feature where it tells you if it’s gone that step further and converted the enquiry into a lead. 

In addition to this, emails sent through the enquiry page weren’t saving as an automatic note. This has been rectified.

Finally, images uploaded from the APP seemed to delete from the Contract area, upon refresh these files reappeared. This only related to images added to a lead where the job had already been converted to contract but this has now been fixed.

We want you to get the most out of your Business Pilot subscription. So, we provide a variety of How To videos and help guides. Please visit https://businesspilot.co.uk/knowledgebase/ for details.

If you have noticed and irregularity within the system not mentioned above, please contact support here, raising support queries helps us resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

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