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Business Pilot “has made my job a heck of a lot easier”

Elton chats to Lisa Dynes at GAP Home Improvements in this latest edition of our BP Community chats. Lisa is the office manager, working on the doors and windows side of the business. Her role covers lots of different areas, so she’s the perfect person to chat to about how the Business Pilot system has helped operations at GAP Home Improvements.

Lisa joined GAP Home Improvements when they were dealing with the aftermath of the pandemic and lockdowns and the systems they had in place at that time were not fit-for-purpose.

Enter Business Pilot, which has helped the business to go from using multiple scheduling systems and having unreliable information, to having everything accurate, in one place with better traceability.

In terms of features, it’s our Interactive Schedule Board that’s the firm favourite with Lisa.

“I’ve got two screens set up, and the scheduling board is constantly on, I’m constantly either scheduling people in, or we’re taking people out or swapping things around to make [the] journey shorter for our fitters, so making it more cost-effective.

I can see so many weeks in advance [so when] customers are phoning in, I can tell them where they are without having to rifle through a million bits of paper or files.”

Curious minds in the office helped the whole team quickly get to grips with the system. Lisa says that when they first started using the system, the team were all bouncing off each other as they discovered different functions and ways of doing things.

Finally, we love Lisa’s advice for people considering Business Pilot:

“Set up a contract, a test contract that you’re not going to actually do anything with and just have a go. Just play with it. Raise your invoices, delete your invoices, put it on the schedule. Just have a play with it.”

So there you have it – just have a play! Thank you so much for your time, Lisa. We’re so pleased that our system has helped the team become more efficient and make your job easier!

Watch the full chat between Lisa & Elton here on the Business Pilot YouTube Channel.


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