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Business Pilot share insights at the 2023 FIT Show

Business Pilot is the industry’s leading business management system and with that, comes a lot of insight as to how window and door installers are fairing at any given time. The FIT Show being the largest gathering of installers, is a great opportunity to share some of these insights.

I love the insights that we get from the Business Pilot Barometer and having an opportunity to delve into them and come out with actionable steps for installers to take to improve their own outcomes is awesome – Elton Boocock

Business Pilot’s Managing Director, Elton Boocock will present two talks at the show, both aimed at taking data and using the knowledge it gives us, to create better outcomes. The Business Pilot barometer has been successfully predicting market conditions for over 4 years now and with every year, the data just becomes clearer. Talking about the Barometer, Elton said “it is amazing how you can see the clear connection between ‘significant events’ such as Covid, but also underlying trends that still took place during those once in a lifetime events.

Elton’s first talk will be on Tuesday at 13.00. Titled ‘Has the tap been turned off?’, he will be exploring whether retail window and door leads are up or down and how you can maximise sales regardless.

Join us as we review Business Pilot Barometer data to see how the number and quality of leads has changed over recent months and compared to the previous years. We will also explore actions that you can take to maximise sales from the leads you have. This is essential to succeeding in the year ahead. The barometer has been very accurate at predicting the coming months, even through uncharted territory. We will look at what installers can expect for 2023.

On Thursday Elton will present his second talk, ‘Where has all the profit gone?’. In this presentation he will explore what to do when sales are down, but costs are still up.

In the post-lockdown boom era, we find costs have risen in a way that we’ve never seen before. Now the market has cooled leaving margins evaporating. While others are seeing profits evaporate, how do you not only survive, but thrive in this new, more challenging environment? In this session, Elton will demonstrate how installers can use digital tools to protect and increase margin, by working smarter, not harder. Using real examples from other window installation companies, you will get to see the easy steps you can take that will help your business to thrive in the coming months and years.

Business Pilot was created following Elton’s work with a window installation company and his passion for improving results and using data to drive this. He has a way of simplifying numbers to extract just the key take away’s that you need to improve your own outcomes.

The thing that makes me tick is seeing businesses succeed. It has nothing to do with the data itself, it is what you can do with the data – Elton Boocock

Business Pilot adds quite literally hundreds of feature updates and additions each year. All of these are driven by the single goal of helping installers to become more efficient and increase profits.

The FIT Show will run from Tuesday the 23rd to Thursday the 25th of May 2023. It will be held at the NEC, Birmingham. You can find Business Pilot on stand S41 in Hall 9

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