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Tempted to go digital? From sales tools to CRMs, a plethora of new digital platforms have ‘popped-up’ in lockdown giving installers access to new data, insights and potentially major gains in operational efficiency but how do you make sure it works for you?

This is our checklist:

  1. Consider connectivity. Data is most valuable if you connect it to get a true overview of your operation, for example from the first touchpoint with the customer to installation and aftercare. The value of your data will depend on how effective your data management system is in capturing it and to do this – how connected it is to the other software tools you use to run your business.
  2. Make sure that you don’t fall foul of regulations for data security. Under legal requirements set out under GDPR you have a responsibility as the data owner to protect it. The CRM system or sales tools that you’re using (where they hold data), need to feature safeguards to protect that data so it can’t be stolen or misused.
  3. Make sure that the data that you’re using has currency. That’s about people! If the system that you’re using isn’t user friendly, people won’t use it properly or will short-cut process. That means your data won’t be accurate. Make sure that whatever you use is simple and accessible.
    For example, we’ve developed a Status Progression Tool. It gives installers instant access to updates on the real-time status of every lead or job in their sales and operational pipelines. It works because it drives the process in your business. You create what you want, automate the bits that can be automated e.g. sending emails, pulling together quotes, scheduling appointments and put in the steps and actions that employees have to follow to perform them.
    What that does is that it drives everyone to do what you want, and they should be doing. And in doing so, it makes your business run better but it also guarantees the currency of your data.
  4. Make that data accessible and of value. Data is only worth something if you use it. That means putting it into a format that is accessible and gives you the information that you need to run your business effectively.
    For example, we our Management Information Dashboard, delivers a headline overview of each aspect of business operation, including Operations, which pulls in details on sales, cash in the bank, through to balances outstanding, orders, invoices fitted value, costs and gross profit, each automatically updated with every new sale you make, job completed, or bill paid.
    It also includes a new Marketing Dashboard, which allows you to track and compare the effectiveness of each campaign and individual marketing channel, helping you to identify which channels work best for your business.
    A Sales and People & Sales Dashboards allow installers to understand the cost of acquisition of each lead and to track how it progresses, including the performance of individual members of their sales team. A Leads & Products Dashboard, also provides a headline overview of which products are selling and the source of leads.
  5. Understand the difference between your status as the data owner (the person/enterprise collating and inputting it into the ‘holder’) and the data management system (the software package that you’re using). You’ve inputted, you own. It doesn’t matter if it’s being held on Business Pilot or any other CRM system, the data remains yours and just like anything else that you own, you can move it to a different location. You aren’t locked in and you don’t need to lose it.

Elton Boocock, Managing Director, Business Pilot

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