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“If it’s not on Business Pilot, it didn’t happen!”

A bit of a special treat with this episode of Elton chats to… as we have both Graham Orrin and Ray Thomasson from GO Installations!

Graham has been at the helm of GO Installation for more than 20 years and has seen huge benefits since bringing in Business Pilot. Ray’s background is in IT, so he already had a really good idea of what GO Installations needed from their CRM System.

It’s always great to get views from different people within a company to show that the right system really can make a massive difference to everyone, no matter what their role is in the business.

The big positive for many BP users is that everything is in one place and easily searchable and it’s no different for Graham and GO Installations. The team have gone from ‘Lots of paper stuck on the desk…12-to-14-hour days…spinning plates’ to a much more streamlined and efficient way of working. As Ray says in the video, the team has a phrase they use in-house: “If it’s not on BP, it didn’t happen.”

The invoicing feature is Graham’s favourite part of the system. He says:

“It saves us masses of time and keeps me in control of my finances”.

The BPsite App has also been a bonus, and Graham has gone from “Getting up early in the morning to send over paperwork via email” to being able to “lay in bed an extra hour in the morning…it’s a win-win!”

In terms of the return on investment of our CRM system, Ray says:

“I would say that from a value for money point of view as well, Business Pilot ticks the boxes there and it’s quite cost-effective to very quickly get up and running…we have had a very rapid ROI.”

Huge thanks to Graham and Ray for taking the time to chat to Elton about how Business Pilot works for GO Installations!

You can watch the full video on our YouTube Channel.


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