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Software is developing all the time, so make sure you have the latest technology at your fingertips, argues Business Pilot’s Managing Director Elton Boocock.



If you were to go out and buy a TV today, you wouldn’t be buying a black and white one. Why would you? There are probably still many in circulation, but technology has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years that much of the joy of watching television comes from the 4K HDR picture and Dolby surround sound.

If you buy a TV today, you want to get one with the latest features. It certainly wouldn’t be black and white.

The same goes for what you choose to invest in as a business. Just as you would employ the best fitters you can find, you would also choose the latest CRM software to drive your operations. It doesn’t even come down to cost. In many situations it comes down to understanding what you require as a business, and what solutions are on the market that can help you achieve your goals.



At Business Pilot, we have first-hand experience of this, because co-owners Jim and Ryan Breslin (Cherwell Windows), and Ryan Schofield (Thames Valley Windows), had struggled to find an alternative to their existing systems that they said didn’t meet their requirements.

Together, we devised a modern alternative that was flexible and reactive, and that was different to anything else on the market.

And because it is built from the ground up, Business Pilot is modern and bang up to date. And not only does it look good – and is very straightforward to use – it is designed to work with the other software that you are already using to run your business efficiently.

Going back to the TV analogy, you wouldn’t buy a television that couldn’t run Netflix, or can’t connect to a soundbar. So why would you choose a CRM system that doesn’t connect to your accountancy software, or your competent persons scheme, or your front-end sales package?



Within Business Pilot, users can register their FENSA installations without leaving the software. At a click of a button window installers can register an installation by using the information that has already been recorded. This removes double-entry, speeds up the registration process, and significantly reduces error. All of which improves an installer’s profitability.

A lot of businesses use Xero for their day-to-day accounting, and with Business Pilot, there is no more exporting data, import sorting data, or double entry. There’s just a button – you simply connect the two systems so everything stays up to date.

And it’s the same with front-end pricing tools such as Tommy Trinder and Windowlink. Again, there is no more room for discrepancies because there is no need to export or import the data. It is connected and live.

Thanks to these partnerships, Business Pilot is easy to use and removes unnecessary processes. It also significantly reduces inaccuracy. If you put something in wrong, it can cost a lot to you as a business, and I find it exciting that we can take away all of that with our modern software solutions.



Where we differ from TVs is our ability to remain relevant. Your new TV could well be out of date in three years’ time, when new technology – 8K, 3D, VR – renders it obsolete. Business Pilot, on the other hand, is constantly being revised and updated. And because it is cloud-based, this happens in the background, so that your businesses can keep running uninterrupted.

We release hundreds of updates each year – small tweaks and big developments. We make it easy for you to introduce these new features into your business, through help guides and videos. We can even arrange for you to receive ongoing additional training at your office, so that you can make the most of every new feature.

Our latest update includes a function for multi-site businesses and multi-company groups.

Where companies have more than one branch, with each operating as a separate business function, Business Pilot now allows users to have access to the operations of all sites, or just a specific one – depending on the permissions given.

Similarly, a manager of a group of companies can study the profit and loss of each subsidiary business with a single log-in, while managers of each company will only have access to their own operations. This creates an extra level of control, giving business leaders an up-to-date view of the health of the group, and the ability to find immediate efficiencies, if required.


Visit us at on Stand S41 in Hall 9 at this year’s FIT Show to discuss this, as well as out other recent updates.


To find out more please visit www.businesspilot.co.uk, email  info@businesspilot.co.uk or call 0333 050 7560.


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