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Why we love status progressions

Some Business Pilot features are so revolutionary that they have the ability to completely change how you work. Status Progressions is a feature that allows you to map your exact processes to your CRM, yet at the same time, will completely change how you work? It’s why we have it on our ‘Why We Love’ list.

Lets begin by explaining what Status Progression is.

Imagine writing down the exact steps you take (or wish you took) to manage a lead from enquiry to sold/lost/delayed. Or a contract from sold to completed, whether that means installed or all the way to uploaded to social media, 5 star review, you get the picture.

There will be different routes for different types of lead or even contract no doubt. We call these ‘pipelines’. The steps along the way of each of these pipelines, we call ‘statuses’. Quite simply because we often ask, ‘what’s the status of xxxxx job’?

Now, imagine laying all these pipelines (one for each unique journey) and all the statuses within each pipeline, into your CRM. That part is easy, and you could just tick off as you pass each status. But then that wouldn’t reach our Why We Love list!

To get on the list, Business Pilot’s Status Progression goes a few steps further.

Since we have mapped the exact way that you like to do things, we can now look at what needs to happen at each step (Status). For example, when you book the surveyor, do you add it to their diary? Do you send them a note? Do you email the customer? Do you line up the next person in the process to do something?

This is where automation comes in. You can set activities that must be carried out as each status is passed. Some of these, such as emails, can be fully automated using templates. You get the flexibility to stop an email of course, but if you do, it is marked within the system notes whether the email was sent or not. This brings us to another great reason to add Status Progressions to the list.

By having all of this run through Business Pilot, you get a full audit trail of who did what and when. Speaking of when, you probably have an idea of how long it should take to pass each status. You may say that ‘quote sent’ to ‘follow up call’ should be no more than two days. Within the system, you can set alerts to make sure that you are keeping on track with moving your leads and contracts through the pipeline. Naturally, you will want to report on where your leads and contracts are. Of course, you can pull a report with one click that will show you exactly how many jobs you have at each status.

Within each lead or contract, you get to see its status and the next steps) across the top of the contract detail screen. Essentially, the whole concept is woven throughout Business Pilot so that you get more visibility, greater consistency and easy, flexible automation.

There’s more to Status Progression but let’s just finish with another great feature, the ability to move a lead or contract to a different pipeline at any stage. This means you can either change the pipeline if the job changes, or even have your pipelines split into sections if they are more complex. You can have an unlimited number of actions set at each Status, with unlimited Statuses in each pipeline, with an unlimited number of pipelines. In short, you can make it as simple, or as detailed as works for you.

With all of this, it is obvious why we love Business Pilot’s Status Progressions.

The question is, when you log in to your CRM system, or use whatever system you currently use (even diaries, excel, whiteboards), do you have a way to ensure that every lead or contract is dealt with correctly, using the minimum amount of time, to get the maximum benefit? Can you manage all this from anywhere, any time, on any device? And if you can’t, just imagine what being able to do that would do for your business. And how much easier your job would be. That’s why we love Status Progressions!

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