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Why we love the convert to contract process

We love features that make life easy, create consistency and increase profits. No surprise then that our Convert to Contract process has made it to the Why We Love list.

We all love that point where a lead becomes a sale. It is at that point though that we can have the most impact as to whether the sale becomes a profit or a loss. It’s why Business Pilot created a neat, easy top use, step by step process to take it from a go ahead, to a fully fledged contract with everything in place to ensure the job is a success.

When we built this part of Business Pilot, we realised that some people go straight from sales to operations, where others have a stage in-between where sales are checked and ‘converted’ into contracts before operations take over. Either way, a process needs to take place where someone checks all the details provided by the salesperson and enters invoices, purchase orders etc. to ensure you know how much margin you will make. In Business Pilot, you even set the intended margin amount.

Once these details are entered, Business Pilot can help you to maintain that margin and minimise any losses, whilst maximising profits. Since Business Pilot is all about helping you to run a better business, with less hassle, the convert to contract process sits firmly within the list of features to help you do that.

Convert to Contract sets the whole contract up correctly and while it is a small feature, it is crucial to the success of the job.

It also provides the link between the lead and the contract. Rather than ‘copying’ the details of a lead and making it a contract, Business Pilot keeps the lead and the contract as a separate entity, but links them so that there is visibility all the way from initial enquiry to successful install and beyond.

How do you currently manage the process following a sale being made? Do you have any checks in place to ensure the project gets off on the right footing? Can you see at any stage, from anywhere, on any device, just how close to hitting the target margin you are? Does the information you record at this stage, help you to avoid missing items when it comes to installing? If not, what would it do for your business if you did have all of this at your fingertips? We think you would make more profit, with less hassle. And that is why we have added the very simple ‘convert to contract feature onto our Why We Love list.

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As part of our free trial, we will send a whole series of how to videos to help you get to grips with the Business Pilot Installation company CRM system. Because the system is much more than a regular CRM, we are even on hand to talk you through how other installation companies are using Business Pilot as a business improvement system. If you would prefer to book a call with an existing user before the trial, call us on 0333 050 7506 or use the live chat facility.

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