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How To Edit an Email Template within Status Progression

To do this:

  1. In the Lead or Contract, progress to the next step in the status as required. Enter a note or task if needed.
  2. Enter a Sold Value in the top box if you are progressing to Mark as Sold in a Lead- This is important as this value will pull through into your contract.
  3. Delete any email templates that you don’t want to send to the customer at this stage.
  4. To customise an email template before sending, select the ‘Customise’ button. This will then display an edit email box where you can add any additional recipients and edit the email text.
  5. Attach any documents or images within the system or in your computer if required. And once you’ve finished editing the email, select ‘Save Email’.
  6. Select ‘Confirm’ once you’d like to send the email and this will progress the status to the next stage.

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