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How To Add a Contact

To do this:

  1. In your Main Menu, head to the Contacts tab and select ‘+ New Contact’.
  2. Select your Contact Type – A customer will be a contact who has bought with you before. A Lead will be someone who is interested in a quote. And a Prospect will be someone who is interested in your products but isn’t ready for quoting.
  3. Select whether they are a Retail or Trade contact. Enter their Salutation, First Name and Last Name. The Last Name is a compulsory field. You do not need to enter a Company Name unless needed.
  4. Enter any Contact Numbers associated with the contact. You can enter up to 3.
  5. Enter any email addresses associated with that Contact. You can label these if you have more than one.
  6. Select your Contact’s Marketing Preferences. It’s a good idea to get into the habit of asking for these as it will help later on when it comes to your Marketing.
  7. Select whether you’d like to Send a Customer Review. This is a gentle reminder and doesn’t have to be filled in if not needed.
  8. Enter the Contact’s postcode and select their address. If you can’t find it, you can always enter this in manually.
  9. If you have customers based outside the UK, you may want to enter a Country.
  10. Enter the Accounts Reference if this is an existing customer. If they’re new, you won’t know this until you export into your Accounts package.
  11. Enter a Permanent Note if needed – This is a note that will permanently stay on the Contact’s file.
  12. You can also set a Task for yourself or another user if necessary. You may need someone to follow up with the Contact so enter this in here.
  13. If you would like to progress the Contact straight to a Lead, select ‘Save & Add Lead’. If not, select ‘Save’ and this will save the Contact’s details within the system.

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