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How To Add a Lead

To Do This:

  1. Within your Contact, head to the Leads tab and select ‘+ Add Lead’. Add an Install Address if required. The system will automatically copy and pull the contact address through.
  2. Select your Lead Type, Lead Source and SubSource. All of these can be managed in your Admin section.
  3. Select a Sales Area and whether this customer has already had a Showroom Visit.
  4. Select a Product Type, you can select up to 3. If you do not have 3 products, then you only need to select 1. Select a Main Interest and who the Lead was taken by.
  5. If you know who the Sales Person will be, then please select this. You do not need to enter this if you don’t know it.
  6. Toggle whether a Survey is required and again if you know it, select the Surveyor is. You do not need to enter this if you don’t know it. Quoted and Sales values can be added later on when you sell the lead.
  7. Select a Pipeline. Select the temperature of the Lead and a Close By date. (Hot – Within the next month. Warm – Within the next few months. Cold – Within the next 6 months – year.)
  8. Set a Task if required and select ‘Continue’.
  9. Your Lead will appear and can be modified as the Lead progresses.
  10. Alternatively, you can head to the Main Menu and select ‘+ New Lead’.
  11. Select the Customer (This will bring a drop down list of all your Contacts). Repeat the previous process of filling out the Lead information.

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