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How To Add a Purchase Order, Record a Delivery and Record a Supplier Invoice

To do this:

  1. Head to your Main Menu, and select a Contract under Live Contracts.
  2. Click on the Purchase Order tab and select ‘Add Purchase Order’ at the bottom.
  3. Select your supplier and enter your own supplier reference (We recommend the Contact name and Contract number).
  4. Enter an Estimated Delivery Date (Work to your Lead Times) and select the Purchase Order contact.
  5. If the Purchase Order is a Remake/Recharge, select Yes or No in the toggle. The same applies to the Confirmed & Mark as Delivered Toggle. We only recommend using this toggle if you already have the item in stock.
  6. Enter the quantity of the item you are ordering and a description. Enter a Net Value- Try and get this as precise as possible as this will affect your reports.
  7. Remember to select the ‘+’ icon to add the line. If you are ordering different products from the same suppliers, add a new line for each product. Select ‘Add’ when you’ve finished.
  8. To download a Word or PDF template version of the Purchase Order, click the Word or PDF icon next to the Edit button. This will download the Purchase Order using the document template and placeholders you have set up. You can then print this if needed.
  9. If you’d like to email the Purchase Order straight to the supplier, select the Email icon.
  10. If you receive a delivery date and/or a Net Value back from your supplier, go back into the Purchase Order and enter this under the Confirmation box. Remember to click ‘Update Order’.
  11. To enter a Supplier Invoice, go back into the Purchase Order and select the Invoices tab on the top left-hand side.
  12. Select ‘+ Add Invoice’. Enter the date of the Invoice, Invoice Reference and any details listed on the Invoice.
  13. Select a Nominal Code (Purchases should already be listed but if not, head to the Manage Nominal Codes area to add this).
  14. Enter the Net Value provided by the supplier and VAT Code. Select ‘Add Invoice’ when you’ve entered all the relevant details.
  15. To record a delivery, select the Deliveries tab at the top of the page. Enter the quantity received. If for any reason you receive less then you ordered, you can enter a new delivery date back in the deliveries tab. Remember to select ‘Update’.
  16. When you receive the goods, you can go back to the Deliveries tab under the Purchase Order and enter the remaining quantity. Select ‘Update’.

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