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How To Book a Sales Appointment

To do this:

  1. Within your Lead, scroll down to the Salesperson and select the User. Then select the ‘Book Demo Now’ link in red and this will pull through the Salespersons diary.
  2. Use the arrow to click through the weeks or alternatively, select the calendar icon if you know a specific date.
  3. Double click on the date/time you’d like to book the demo in for. Alter the date/time if required and enter a description if needed. You can also select a Location if this isn’t at the customers house.
  4. Select Save when finished. You’ll see the ‘Book Demo Now’ link will go green to show an appointment has been booked.
  5. If you head to the Diary in the Main Menu and find the date you booked the Demo for. You’ll see the appointment is highlighted in Red (Red is the colour code for a Sales Appointment).

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