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How To Convert a Lead To a Contract

To Do This:

  1. Within your Lead, select ‘Mark as Sold’ in your Pipeline. Confirm the Sale Value – If this needs altering, do this now.
  2. A green pop up box will appear at the top of the Lead page. Select the ‘here’ highlighted in blue to create the Contract.
  3. Check all the Lead Details have been filled in. If they haven’t, we suggest going back and ensuring these are filled in. Any documents added in your Lead will be copied to the Contract.
  4. Select the ‘Convert To Contract’ button once your happy with the details entered.
  5. Select a Pipeline and VAT Code. The Confirmed Sale Value and Contract Type will be copied over from the Lead.
  6. If you need to change the Contract Date, for example to backdate it, you can do this by selecting the calendar icon.
  7. Select whether Fitting is required and how many days. If your working to lead times you may want to enter an estimated fit date. Select ‘Next’ once completed.
  8. We suggest setting up your invoices at Contract setup stage to avoid having to do this later. Select ‘Add Invoice’. Enter an Invoice Type and Raise Date.
  9. Select whether you’d like to manually enter a Gross/Net value or a percentage. If it’s a percentage, the system will work this out for you. Select ‘Create’ when finished.
  10. To add a payment against an invoice, select the edit button beside the invoice. Scroll down to Payments and enter the date the payment was made, method and amount.
  11. Select the ‘+’ icon to enter the line and ‘Save Details’.
  12. You can add the remaining invoices at this stage if you know the payment plan or terms. However, if not, you can do this later. If you do add them, you do not need to enter a raise date.
  13. Select ‘Next’. Add any Provisional Suppliers you’d like to create Purchase Orders for.
  14. Select ‘+ Add New Provisional Supplier’ and select a Supplier from the drop down list. Select Update once selected. You can add as many as you need to.
  15. Select ‘Next’ and ‘Complete Setup’. Your Contract is now setup.

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