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How to Create a Contact from a Web Page Enquiry

  1. Once the enquiry is posted on your website this will show up in your enquiries page at the top of the main menu.
  2. Click on the edit button to bring up their details, press the button ‘Convery to Contact’.
  3. Check to see if they have been set up previously by pressing –select–, if no matches press ‘Create Contact’.
  4. Fill out the relevant fields with the Customers details, ‘Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Company Name if this is relevant, you can leave this field empty if the customer is a resident only, Main number is required and add their email address in, the label can be used to show this is their work email, home, Mr or Mrs etc.
  5. Marketing fields show which points of contact they have opted in for, select those applicable.
    The customer review box can be marked as yes if you are happy for the customer to be send a review later on.
  6. Type in the postcode of the address they are registered to, install addresses are added in the lead page after this stage (there is another video for this)
  7. Leave accounts reference, this can be added when the contract has been set up.
  8. Add any permanent notes in the box to the right, important information like preferred contact times, access restrictions can benefit from being added here.
  9. Only set a follow up in this page if you would like to follow up using the contact page, if you are converting this contact to a lead please leave this clear and enter the follow up on the lead page.
  10. Press save if you want to save this as a contact or continue if you would like to move on to the lead set-up.

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