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How To Create an Email Template

To do this:

  1. In the Main Menu, scroll down to ‘Admin’ and select ‘Manage Email Templates’.
  2. Select ‘+ Add Email Template’.
  3. Select your Template Type, enter the Name of the email (within the system) and the Email Subject line.
  4. In the Email Content box enter the opening line of the email. The dropdown box on the right contains the placeholders.
  5. Placeholders are grouped into template type and to select one, simply click on the placeholder.
  6. Type the rest of the email text as required and use the drop down to enter any placeholders you need.
  7. Remember to put a space between the last word and the placeholder. Placeholders act as a single word(s) when pulled through.
  8. You don’t need to put a signature in at the bottom of the email as this will pull through from your user email set up.
  9. Select ‘Add’ and the email will be added to your Email Templates list.
  10. Remember, you can have as many email templates as you need.

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