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How To Export your Live or Archived Contact List to Excel or PDF

To do this:

  1. In your Main Menu, head to your Contacts tab and select ‘Active Contacts’.
  2. Select the ‘Export To Excel’ option if you wish to see a detailed view off your active contact list.
  3. Enable Editing so you can filter and sort the information as required.
  4. To filter, highlight the Column and select ‘Sort and Filter’. The column will then display an arrow which you can select to filter the key words within that column.
  5. Select ‘Export to PDF’ to see a simpler view of the active contact list. Please note you cannot edit within this option.
  6. Head back to the Contacts tab within the Main Menu and select ‘Archived Contacts’.
  7. Remember you can also filter before using the Export options if you do not want to sieve through masses of information within Excel or PDF.
  8. You can also add or remove columns if required.
  9. Select the ‘Export To Excel’ option as shown in the Active Contacts tab. Enable Editing and Sort/Filter as required.
  10. Select the ‘Export to PDF’ option, again, if you want a simpler view.

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