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How To Manage Service Call Route of Issues


To Do This:

  1. Head to the main menu, select ‘Admin’ and then ‘Manage Service Call Route of Issues’.
  2. Select ‘+ Add New’ and enter the Route of Issue. Select ‘Update’ to save.
  3. If you head to the Service Call area and select ‘+ Add Service Call’. Enter the details as normal. You will notice the option just added is now displayed in the ‘Route Of Issue’ dropdown.
  4. If you head back to the Admin and Manage area, selecting the ‘Edit’ button will allow you to modify the name.
  5. To delete an option, select the red delete button and select ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  6. Please note- If you try to delete an option and its already allocated to a Service Call, the system will NOT allow you to delete it.

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