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How To Manage Targets

To Do This:

  1. In the Main Menu, head to the Admin section and select ‘Manage Targets’.
  2. Select ‘+ Add Monthly Targets’. Select the calendar icon to choose the month you’d like to set the targets for.
  3. Under ‘Lead Sub Source Targets’ enter your individual monthly targets
  4. You don’t need to enter a target under every lead sub-source, there many be some you are particularly focusing on for the month.
  5. You can also add individual monthly targets. Set these under ‘Sales Person Targets’.
  6. Under ‘Financial Targets’ you can set a target for number of demos and the value of each sale.
  7. Select ‘Add’ once complete. This will save the targets you have set.
  8. To edit any targets, select the blue pencil icon beside the month. Remember to select ‘Save’ if any changes are made.
  9. To delete a monthly target, select the red dustbin beside the month. Select ‘Yes’ to confirm.
  10. When adding monthly targets, you can also copy previous figures from previous months. Select ‘Copy from another month’ and select the month to do this.
  11. Remember to select ‘Add’.
  12. Targets can be found in the MI under Marketing Dashboard and Sales Dashboard.

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