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How To Move a Fit Day Booked and Lock in a Job in the Schedule

To do this:

  1. To move a job already scheduled, simply click on the day you’d like to move and drag and drop this into the new available date.
  2. Select Yes if you’d like to confirm if your happy with the move. If not, select Cancel and this will keep the job card in it’s original place. Select Yes on the first toggle if you’d like to leave a note of the move on the contract.
  3. To lock the job in place on the schedule, double-click the job and toggle Yes on the ‘Job Schedule Locked’. Press Update when finished.
  4. Alternatively, if the job is large and you don’t want to drag and drop each individual day. Double click on the job card and delete it all.
  5. The job will reappear in the parking bay and you can either drag and drop this into a new available date or select the ‘Schedule’ button on the job card (when it’s in the parking bay) to find the next available date.

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