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How To Set an Automation to a Progression

To Do This:

  1. Head to your Pipeline settings (Admin – Manage Lead / Contract Pipelines) and scroll down to Progressions.
  2. Select ‘+ Add Progression’. Select a ‘From Status’ and a ‘To Status’. This is where you’ll want a specific action to happen when moving from one status to another.
  3. Select ‘+ Add Action’. If you’d like to sent an automated email, select ‘Send Email. Select an Email Template and select ‘Add’. (You can edit the template later on when progressing from one status to another.)
  4. If you’d like to set an automated note or task, then select ‘+ Add Action’ and select one or both of those options. You can add task templates in your Admin settings also, rather than typing these out.
  5. Select ‘Add’ once completed.
  6. If you head to a Lead and progress from the status progression you have just added, you’ll notice that the progressions are now there.

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