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How to Take a Holding Deposit and Place the Contract on Hold

  1. Head to the Main Menu.

If you have a Holding Deposit already saved as an Invoice Type move to Step 7.

  1. Click ‘Admin’, ‘Manage Invoice Types’.
  2. Press ‘+Add New’.
  3. Enter the Name, Default Invoice Text, Default Paid Text.
  4. Click ‘Credit’, if this is a Credit Invoice Type.
  5. Press ‘Update
  6. Click ‘Leads’, ‘Live Leads’ in the Main Menu.
  7. Click ‘Clear All Filters’ if necessary.
  8. Click the Edit button to the far left-hand side of the screen on the Lead you would like to process.
  9. Add the ‘Sold Value’.
  10. Press ‘Update’.
  11. Click ‘Mark As Sold’.
  12. Click ‘here’ on the green banner at the top of the page to begin setting up the Contract.
  13. Press ‘£ Convert to Contract’ on the right-hand side.
  14. Press ‘Create Contract’.
  15. Confirm all the Lead Details are correct and enter the Confirmed Sales Value (NET), VAT Code, Contract Type, toggle the YES|NO filed for Fitting Required if necessary. Add Fit Days Required and the Estimated Fit Date if you have this information at hand.
  16. Press ‘Next’.
  17. Press ‘+Add Invoice’.
  18. Select the Invoice Type, in this case ‘Holding Deposit’.
  19. Select the Raised Date. Please Note: All invoices with a raised date in the future will act as ‘invisible’ to the system and placeholders until this date is exceeded.
  20. Select ‘Create Invoice From’ as designed. If you are taking a % of the full Contract cost then % of gross value (calculated) will be the best option.
  21. Type the % of job value in the box and click ‘Calculate’.
  22. Press ‘Save’.
  23. Click the edit button to the left-hand side of the invoice you have just created to enter the payment, select the date paid, method and amount into the relevant boxes.
  24. Press the ‘+’ button to the right-hand side.
  25. Press ‘Save Details’ towards the bottom of the screen.
  26. Press ‘Next’.
  27. Click ‘Complete Set-Up’.
  28. When the Contract page loads on the left-hand side under Contract Status you will see a green Active button, click once and this will turn red and display the text On Hold.
  29. Press ‘Update’ at the bottom, far right-hand side of the screen.
  30. This job is created, on hold and will not show on the schedule board until you reactive it by clicking the On Hold status under Contract Details to Active.

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