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How To Understand Our Schedule Board

To do this:

  1. Head to the Main Menu and select ‘Schedule’, ‘Full View’.
  2. The Jobs to Schedule bar at the top of the page will tell you how many jobs you have waiting to be scheduled.
  3. The Calendar icon on the right-hand side allows you to select the week you’d like to view.
  4. ‘Map View’ allows you to see all the places you have jobs scheduled. If you click on a location pointer, it will display the Job details.
  5. The Contract number (highlighted in blue) is a quick-link which opens a new tab to the Contract.
  6. If the installer assigned to the team has service call appointments in the Diary too, clicking the ‘Show service calls’ toggle will increase the opacity of the schedule board to highlight the service calls from the diary.
  7. Double clicking the job card allows you to see the Contract Details and any Purchase Orders assigned to that Contract.
  8. The Contract number (highlighted in blue) is a quick-link which opens a new tab to the Contract.
  9. If you select ‘Extend Job’, you can add any additional days required. The start date is optional- If the date is unavailable, the system will schedule the additional day(s) on the next available day(s).
  10. Contract details and Purchase Orders have their own tab within the card allowing space to include the toggle from the Contract page to Confirm job on the Schedule and Lock in the Job.
  11. Once the job has been locked, you’ll no longer be able to move the job card. To unlock it, simply double click on the job card and select No on the toggle. Remember to select Update.
  12. You’ll then be able to move the job card around the board as you wish. You’ll always be asked to confirm the move in order to avoid error.
  13. To delete the job out of the schedule, double-click on the job card, scroll down and select ‘Delete Job’.
  14. You can either delete the day or delete the whole job – You’ll need to enter a reason for deletion. Select the ‘Delete All’ or ‘Delete Item’.
  15. As the job has been deleted, it will reappear in the Jobs to Schedule bar at the top of the page.
  16. Click on the Schedule button to re-schedule the job. The Start Date and Fitting Team is optional so doesn’t need to be entered. If you have entered a date or team, the system will tell you if the date/team is available. If you are happy with the date/team proposed, then select Yes. If not, you can select No and re-enter another date or team.
  17. The main colour on your job card is typically set by Product Type To change the colours, head to the Admin area and select Manage Product Types. If you select Edit on any of the product types and choose a colour, this will change it in your schedule.
  18. You can have the main colour on your job card set to Product Interests. To change this, head to Admin, Manage Schedule and Settings. Use the toggle to choose between the options and press Update.
  19. If you refresh your schedule, you will notice this changes the colours. If you prefer to have your main colour based on your Product Interests but want to change these colours, head to the Manage Product Interests page.
  20. To change the main colour back to Product Type, simply head to Admin, Manage Schedule and Settings. Remember to select Update. You will need to refresh the schedule to view the change.
  21. No bars visible in the ticket means there are no raised Purchase Orders on this contract.
  22. One half bar means there has been at least one Purchase Order raised, but delivery dates are still estimated.
  23. Two bars mean the Purchase Order(s) now have a confirmed delivery date due before the 1st day of install (the equivalent of the full colour previously).
  24. A full bar represents all items within the Purchase Order(s) have been marked as delivered.
  25. Job cards that are partially opaque with a rounded edge are provisional which makes it clear which tickets need confirming with the customer.
  26. By double-clicking the job card and selecting the ‘Job Confirmed on Schedule’ toggle, this will change the job to confirmed. Remember to press Update.

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