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How To Use The Chat Function

To Do This:

  1. Within your Contact, Lead or Contract, head to the Activity tab and select the Notes tab. Select ‘+ Add Note’.
  2. Type the ‘@’ symbol and a list of users will appear. Select the person you’d like to tag and enter the message or note. Select ‘Add’ to send.
  3. Once sent, the chat mention will appear in your notifications in the top right hand-side of your screen. Select to view it.
  4. The chat mention will appear in a new box. To head to the contract, simply select the contract number and name highlighted in blue.
  5. Complete the note request. In this example, a survey must be booked.
  6. Book the Survey and progress the Status as required.
  7. To reply to the user who mentioned you, simply head back to the Notes tab within Activity.
  8. Select ‘+ Add Note’ and use the ‘@’ symbol to display the list of users.
  9. Select the user and reply or enter the message you’d like to send.
  10. Select ‘Add’ once you’ve finished. The chat mention will then appear in the user’s notification as previously seen.
  11. Any mentions will be listed. The text is bold for any unread messages. Once actioned, you can click the ‘X’ to remove these from the list or leave them read as required.
  12. You can filter any tags by clicking the funnel at the top of the ‘Notes’ column. Just search ‘@’ and you will see a list of the tag mentions.

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