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Lead to Sale Process Update

Reason for update:

Previously, when you marked a lead as sold it would create the contract and place it in a holding area under the Contracts > New Tab. 

This has now been made into a two stage process. This update allows for processes that separate selling of a job and confirming the sale. At the same time it still allows for processes where this is all carried out by the same person. 

The first step that happens when you mark a lead as sold:


When you press the Mark As Sold confirmation the lead displays a message saying that you have successful marked the lead as sold. 

There is a new setting in the administration area under Admin > Settings that allows you to direct to whom the email notification should go:

Company Settings

For the moment we have copied the user saved to receive notifications for Lead Confirmed As Sold Email field to this new field.

In both the email and at the top of the lead that you have just marked as sold will be a message asking you to confirm the sale.

Edit Lead

If you aren’t ready to mark the lead as sold at this time you can always find a list of sales waiting to be confirmed via the menu Contracts > Sales To Confirm

Sales to Confirm

When you either click on the link to confirm the sale or the edit icon from the screen above then you will see a page that looks like the previous Contract Setup page:

Confirm Sale

Once you press Convert to Contract this confirms the sale and creates a contract to setup. An email notification is sent at this point to but you can proceed to setup the contract as you did previously. Any contracts where you don’t complete the setup process can still be found under Contracts > Contracts To Setup.

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