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Major Feature Development: See All your Appointments & Installations by Map View!

Reason For Update: We’ve introduced maps, for both the diary and the schedule board allowing users to see where they are, what area’s they are reaching and allowing you to visualise your appointments and journeys throughout the week ahead.

Diary Appointment Maps 🗺️

For All appointments listed in the visible section of the diary, there’s now a map link that displays all the appointments with pins relating to the ‘Appointment Type’ colour on a google map.

The colouring represents the appointment type, meaning red represents sales appointments, blue highlights the service calls, and green identifies surveys. Please note Manual appointments (Purple tickets) are not picked up in this view as are not attached to an address.

Whether you are viewing a day, a week, a month, by User or by Appointment Type whatever is displaying in your filtered view of the diary will appear in the map view.

Clicking one of these pin drops will bring the Status of the appointment and other general details with a link to the customers Lead page and their full address.

Hover over your Appointments for more details. 🖱️

You can also now hover over appointments in the Diary to show expanded details of the appointment. The customers full address will appear, together with their main telephone number and appointment details.

Schedule Board Appointment Maps 🗺️

A new Map View is also available in both the full and weekly view within the schedule board! In the full view you will see appointments that span over the next 12 weeks, in weekly view you will see the installations happening over the current week selected.

The feature works in the same way it does in the diary, the colours of the pin-drop represent the Contract Type (same as Lead Type) for such appointment.

When clicking on a pin-drop the appointment status, installation start date and team will be displayed with a link to the customers Contract page.

Reveal & Analyse your Sales Hot Spots 🔥

Within the People & Showrooms MI report, towards the bottom of the page you will now find a heat map. This will follow the report date set at the top of the page and show you where you’re getting the most conversions and which areas are bringing in the most revenue.

Distance to site and time on the Contract Page 🚗⏰

Last but, of course not least. We have included the distance to site and estimated travel time on the customers Contract page. This is taken from GoogleMaps at the time the Address is entered to the CRM using an API direct with Google.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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