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Manage Your Targets

Reason For Update:

Whether business goals are to set company direction or provide motivation, they should be specific, measurable, achievable, and timely. Business Pilot have introduced targets within the MI Reports 

Within the Manage Targets area you can allocate budgets to marketing spend with the desired volume of leads to be created giving you a ‘cost per lead’ performance reading.

Set individual monthly sales targets for your team to manage performance and return on those valuable leads.

Targets can also be set to measure the number of appointments within each sales area to work our a cost per demo & sale to help you know if you are focusing your marketing in the most profitable areas.

You can also set overall company targets for demos; value of sales; money banked from customer payments; you can set a target profit margin for all completed contracts to measure actual performance against the required margins to run the business. All of this enables you to measure the overall performance of the operation at a glance and without having to analyse each and every individual job!

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