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MORE UPDATES: Invoice Nominal Codes, Status Progression And More Contract Grid Columns

Reason For Update: More updates? No problem! We have a further batch of updates to ensure we are continually providing you the best CRM to run your business.

Invoice Nominal Codes

Invoice related nominal/accounts codes now overrule Contract Type nominal codes. In the ‘Admin’ area under ‘Manage Invoice Types’ you now have the ability to assign ‘Default Nominal Codes’ to ‘Invoice Types’

These can be assigned through the standard route of clicking on the pencil icon on the left hand side of the invoice type.

You can the select the relevant code from your list in the drop down to assign your nominal codes to each invoice type set.

Default User Selection – Task Setting in Status Progression

Business Pilot wants to make sure your daily tasks can be completed easier and quicker. Our status progression and task templates help you do just that.

Therefore, you now add a default owner for a Task when setting the Task via the Status Progression automation.

Within your ‘Manage Pipelines’ area when setting your actions you are now given an option of setting a ‘Default Owner’ for tasks set within your progressions

This can be for either the sales person (for a lead) or the user progressing in the pipeline. We will also be adding ‘Current Owner’ and ‘Surveyor’ to this list in a future update.

Lost Lead Status- Contact Task details

We have made a change to the ‘Lost lead’ action within Lead pipelines.

When a lead is marked as “lost” You will no longer have the automatic prompt of adding a task to the Contact. If you still wish to have this then you can add a ‘Auto-Task’ as part of your own progressions within the Lead Pipeline.

You will be still able to set the ‘Loss Date’ and ‘Reason For Loss’ which is also still able to be filtered within the Lost Leads grid.

Budget/Turnover Percentage in Marketing Dashboard

Our ‘MI’ area is a great way of tracking multiple areas of information. The ‘Marketing Dashboard’ presents data based on ‘Lead Source’ , ‘Lead Sub Source’ and ‘Product Type”.

Where a budget is in place however no sale against this category the ‘Turnover/Budget’ will now show as 100%.

Improvement to 2nd stock line

Our stock system was introduced in early 2022 and we are continuing to enhance the features within this area. This visual improvement is in the ‘Manage Stock Order’ area. Previously when adding more than one line of stock this text box was visually smaller, we have increased the additional stock lines to full length.


“Estimated Install Date” Column

As our system grows as does our the options of additional columns in our Contract and Lead grids. We have implemented ‘Estimated Install date’ as a column option to make it easier visually to know your approximate install dates.

Business Pilot has a continuous development cycle and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more and send us any development ideas of your own. That way, everyone benefits from a system where improvements are continually being implemented.

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