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New Options for Raising Credit Notes

New options added when raising credit notes, now allowing for raising credits directly against a specific invoice.

Whilst you have always add the option to raise credits on an ‘account’, you now have the option to specify which invoice you want the credit applied to. This new feature will enable cleaner financial & balance reporting moving forward as you would no longer need to report credits on the Balance Outstanding & Aged Debt Reports.
The ‘New’ style credits are raised in exactly the same way as before, please see the basic walk through below.

First, go to your Invoices tab within the ‘Contract’ as normal.

Select ‘add invoice’ and use your ‘Credit’ Invoice type (these are defaulted within your own system and may differ from the description below);

Once you have selected the ‘Credit’ type invoice the option for ‘Invoice to Credit’ will appear as below. This will provide you with a drop down list for all ‘Raised’ invoices on that contract. Please note ‘Created’ invoices will not appear until they are ‘Raised’.
In addition, the Description line for the Credit Invoice will now default to show the Sales Invoice that it is applied to.

You can then choose the Value or % of the Credit as before.

Credit notes that have been assigned to an invoice, will show in the ‘Exports’ section.
In line with the addition of this new feature, the reporting section has also had an update to bring through the description line of the credit notes showing any invoices that you have assigned them to. This will assist with reconciling your Finance Exports should you need.

Placeholders such as statements also take note of this, showing the invoice description and which sales invoice the credit refers to. The Invoice table has been updated to include the new credit option and will appear on a ‘Contract Statement’ template if you are using one, as shown below.

Additional Document Placeholder Option – Outstanding Invoices

Based on user feedback we have also introduced a new Document placeholder option titled ‘Contract Outstanding Statement’. This new placeholder is similar to the existing ‘Contract Statement’ but shows only outstanding invoices rather than the complete invoice table which can be a better option for chasing balance payments.

These placeholders can be used to create two different statement types. If you require any assistance with document templating please contact our support team as always who will be happy to discuss.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle, and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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