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New Sales Management Dashboard, Refund Option, ‘No Invoices Raised Warning’ on Schedule Board & More

Some great new updates from the development team here, including a new-look Sales Management dashboard and a new refund option for invoices – read on for more details!

Also, just a reminder that the old HTML App will be taken offline on FRIDAY 1ST DECEMBER, so please ensure that everyone in your team has now switched over to the new BPsite App, which is available in the App Store and from Google Play.

New Sales Management Dashboard

The new-look Sales Management Dashboard gives an even better overview of what’s going on with your team sales. We’ve removed all of the personal user data from the dash now and brought the sales summary vs. target display to the top of the screen. We have changed the diary display to show an overview of the days sales appointments for everyone in your team, rather than just your own.

You can also see your weekly salesperson stats grid and weekly leads by lead source. If you’re a Sales Manager or Sales Director, we think this will be your new favourite dashboard!

Refund Option for Invoices / POA

You now have the option to add a refund to a paid invoice. Under the invoices tab, when you edit an invoice, you will see a refund button above the payments list.

Click here to add a refund, choosing the appropriate refund method, date and the amount to refund. Please note, there is a warning in place which flags if the refund is higher than the payment value.

When the refund has been created, there will be a balance outstanding, so you will need to credit the invoice or add a further payment so that it balances.

Please note that the refund option will be restricted to the same users roles as raising a credit.

New Live Job Cost Report

Replacing the current Live Job Cost Report, the new version includes all non-invoiced POs, invoiced POs and Job Costs to give a live view of costs of sale across all incomplete contracts between specific date ranges.

By changing the ‘from date’ range to further back, you can see an overview of all current live contracts to assess their actual value vs. projected and accrued costs.

It’s an in-depth report to help you keep an eye on all job costs and profit margins within your ongoing work.

To access this report, head to the Reports section via the main menu and then scroll down to ‘Job Cost Report’.

Choose ‘Contract Date (Live)’ for your report type, choose the dates you wish to see data from, and click the green ‘Excel’ button to download your report.

No Invoices Raised Warning on Schedule Board

On the schedule board, we have added a new warning to flag if a job has been scheduled but no invoices have yet been raised for that contract.

Similar to the ‘No POs Raised’ feature, this is a good catch-all warning to make sure that all invoices that need to be raised on a contract have been done, before your fitters arrive on site.

Record of Lead/Contract Pipeline Amends

When you edit a Lead or Contract pipeline in the Admin area, you can now see the last time the pipeline was modified and who by, so you have a record of who made the last edits and when.

Deliveries - Outstanding Line Items from POs

You can now keep better track of your deliveries, thanks to the latest update in the Deliveries grid.

The grid now tracks the individual line items from orders, rather than just the whole PO, so you can easily see the exact details of what’s still outstanding for delivery.

The Live POs Grid remains the same, so that it can still be used to see an overview of orders and overall quantity of items outstanding.

Our dev team are about to enter another major development run and we will have new details on this coming soon! We also already have some major feature developments planned for the new year.

Please keep your feedback coming so that we can continue to keep BP working for you into 2024 and beyond!

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