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New Scheduling Role, Job Profit Report, and Service Call Route of Issue.

Areas Updated: In addition to the new Personalised Dashboards, we have also rolled out several new features and upgrades today! We have a new role for the schedule to restrict free movement in job cards, a service call route of cause, a Profit Report inside Job Costs, Install Contact Name now searchable. Revenue Recognised figure in the Ops Dashboard and Lockable Contact Types.

Additional Role for Scheduling

We have included a new role, ‘Scheduling’, which enables the user to schedule and move jobs. A user holding a full licence without such a role included in their account settings can still view the board but cannot schedule or move any jobs.

Please note that we have defaulted ALL current Full License users to the ‘Scheduling’ role to ensure there is no immediate loss of functionality. If you want to put additional controls into your business, you can remove this role from the Manage Users area and allocate it to new users moving forward.

Service Call Route of Issue

We have introduced a manageable dropdown for service calls to say whether it’s a result of the product or installation or customer, allowing you to drill down into your calls further.

To customise the’ Route of Issue’ drop-down and create your own list of causes, please visit your Admin menu.

Profit Report inside Job Costs.

Within the contract page, under the finance tab, where your job costs are kept safe and protected in the Finance tab, under ‘Job Costs’, you will find a new Job Profit report. This report is to show items, contract value and profitability and margin.

This report will give you a profit/performance statement for each job showing the total Gross Profit against the Invoiced Value as well as any Job Costs raised.

Install contact name used for search via the main bar and included on Lead, Contract and Service grids too.

Revenue Recognition Figures

Revenue Recognised on the Ops Dashboard, we’ve removed ‘Costs’. This figure is driven from the Completed Contract Report (which in turn is using the revenue recognition date).

The Revenue Recognition date is driven from the same field in the Finance tab of the Contract or from the Completed Contract date, whichever is the earlier.

Prevent changing of Contact Type when lead added or contract added.

If you have added further Contact Types such as Architect, Contractor, Developer, Sales Rep, etc., you can now visit Manage Contact Types in the Admin menu and Lock Contact Types. This means when a Lead or Contract has been raised against the contact, this will not move to the new type but remain as the original selection for better tracking and management of sources.

Business Pilot has a continual development cycle, and all new features are included within your subscription. In fact, as a user, we encourage you to ask for more! That way, we all benefit from a continually improved system.

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