Open Training Days

Join us for our Business Pilot Open Training Day Events

After the massive success of last year’s training events, we are pleased to announce our dates for 2022!

If you weren’t at the events last year, here is what you can expect;

This year we are running three events across the UK

Join us at one (or more) of the following;

Bristol - 14th July

Leeds - 6th October

London - 17th November

Take a look at what we will cover;

For the open training events, we choose topics that we know your teams will benefit the most from. These are the ‘next level’ subjects that take you from simply using the system, to really using the system! Since we are always improving every area of the system there is sure to be areas that you can learn from in each session throughout the day. The sessions assume a working knowledge of the system and build upon this to get you up towards ‘advanced user’ level.

Better Financial Reporting

The key to any successful installation business is how well the finances are run. Business Pilot has loads of ways to help you run a more profitable installation company. The question is, are you using them all? In this session we will share how everything is connected throughout the system and how financial reports are driven and more importantly, how those reports can make your life easier, and your business more successful.

This session is great for anyone in finance, but also important for those inputting contracts and definitely for the management of the business.

Templated Documents made easy

Templated emails and documents can save you hours and at the same time create consistency that will raise your professionalism through the roof. And yet, they are often under used. Not anymore! In this session we will not only show you how easy templates are to setup, we will give some really good examples of where they are making a massive difference to other Business Pilot users already.

This session is awesome for anyone in the sales and marketing side of the business, but also for users that need to communicate with customers where they are often sending very similar information. In order to see the massive, and possibly untapped possibilities, this is definitely recommended for business owners too.

Powering up your Status Progressions

If you are using the standard status progressions that we provide, or you don’t know how to automate repetitive tasks, then this session will have you speeding up your workflow, looking more professional and saving you hours and hours of wasted time. When you get to grips with status progressions and use it for seeing where things are stuck in your processes, everything changes. In a good way! This session will cover designing progressions, automating tasks, setting alerts, reporting etc.

This session is for anyone that manages your leads or contract process, or manages the people that do. This is a must attend for business owners as it helps to set and manage important controls for your business.

Integrating your stock control

With stock control embedded into Business Pilot, are you sure that you are making the most of this feature. In this session we will look not only at how to manage stock effectively within the stock control system, but also how having stock control within Business Pilot allows for more integration with other areas of the system such as job costs, purchase orders etc. This session will show you how to start using all of the time saving features of Business Pilot’s in-built stock control system.

This session is for anyone involved in operations. Whether in finance, purchasing or contract management.

We are staying with the format that worked so well last year. There will be three sessions during the day, using two rooms to enable you to pick three of the four topics. We recommend bringing a few people from your team so that you can spread out and cover all the areas by sending the people to the most relevant subject.

What others have said about the Business Pilot open training days

More than just training!

The Business Pilot training days are a great way to network with others in the industry. Why not stay the night and join us after the event for a night in our host cities? A kind of ‘after show training party’ if you will!

Tickets for these events are just £60 each or £200 for a team of Four. This includes all day refreshments and lunch. These events are a great way to reward your team by giving them the time to learn more about the tool that is designed to make their life easier. If you do need more than four tickets, just let us know when we call to discuss the details. You can also book into multiple events. We are consistently told, the more training we do, the more areas we use on the system!

Use the booking form below to book your training now. We will send you all of the details and look forward to seeing you and your team on the day.

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